Operation Grinch!

Christmas can be a difficult time for families, especially those who are struggling to get by. In 2009, Fremont Community Foundation started a new tradition of giving to help a few of those struggling families have a good Christmas.

Each Christmas season, Fremont County Department of Human Service and area schools identify a number of families in Fremont County who are facing significant financial challenges and struggling to by.

While Christmas for any family can be difficult, Christmas for these families can be next to impossible. Operation Grinch is a fundraising and gift giving program created by Fremont Community Foundation to provide Christmas for those struggling families.

For each family selected, gifts of food, clothing and toys for children are purchased, packaged in large gift bags and delivered in person by the Grinch himself.

Gifts are purchased using funds collected from Fremont Community Foundation events as well generous individual and business contributors to Operation Grinch.

If you are interested donating funds or gifts in support of Operation Grinch, please contact us below to express you interest. Financial and gift donations are greatly appreciated.

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